plaintext communicae - not my cup of correspondence

I mentioned/linked last night, and I've been test driving that setting in PM this morning, and after some exchanges with my own personal (backup) Gmail acct, I decided that plaintext is not going to fly.

Here's the back and forth (to/from myself) - PM was plaintext, Gmail was richtext (or whatever):

me sending a test e-mail from PM, and to my Gmail
me replying from Gmail, and to PM

...nope. Bogus garbage. I would like Md to work, and also the font choices I make to work. And all the other elements that make modern e-mail good/convenient.

I honestly didn't know if Markdown would work with plaintext, because I am a computer noob who doesn't know how standards/protocols work.

Plaintext can be useful/helpful in some scenarios, but I'd rather keep things easy and neat with using normal (PM) e-mail.

So anyway, I went back to rich text or whatever on PM. Gmail was always the same settings that come with a Gmail acct by default. It's simply for backup purposes.

Note of the day: I stepped outside with my Mt Dew Code Red, breathed in the warm air, watched as a butterfly glided and landed on the sidewalk below, and then two of the invasive brown birds that occupy my breezeway swooped down and took turns dismantling the butterfly for a meal.

I mean yea, it's nature. Birds "gotta eat". And I am not jaunted or affected by this scenario, but considering that I was enjoying the site of the butterfly, and those birds can all but starve to death and I wouldn't bat an eyelash, because they are invasive in this area - I was less than happy about it.

It's fine. I envy those who can listen to the wistful, whimsical melodies and songs of different song birds in or around their home. Here, the territorial war birds do nothing more than chirp and "beak bark" at one another until they eventually gang up and poke/peck one of their own to death in the breezeway or sidewalk.

Enough complaints. It IS a serious/ongoing issue for this little ecological corner of the world (meaning this particular segment of this apartment complex), but I can focus on other, better stuff than this scenario.

back soon :)

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