My neck and left shoulder blade are sore, due to mattress issues. It wouldn’t be bad (it *was* getting better) if I hadn’t sat slightly upright yesterday evening with my head at a tilt. So, hopefully the hot shower I just had, plus two Motrin fixes it. nnAnyway, coffee has been poured. And over on, Matt (W.a founder) decided to Pin the discussion thread about possibly having a [ Meetup]( (which I have talked endlessly about here, and will continue to mention it, probably).nnThe D.w.a [thread is here]( if anyone wants to chime in with info or this or that. It should be a cool little meetup :)nnNothing terribly remarkable happening today, though. The sky has grown overcast, the temps here are fairly warm. I’ve been sitting outside a good deal, watching people come and go, with and without dogs, in and out of the laundromat, in and out of cars, to and from the mailboxes, the usual busyness.nnBack soon

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