So, I am making crinkle fries right now. I rarely have fries, but these looked good, so I got em. Will be done in 16 minutes.nnAlso, I received the vintage (70s-era) Weber pipe, and damn. Wow. I couldn’t be more fond of it! 🙂 Such a “looker” of a tobacco pipe. I can say a million things about it, but I already said those things in the customer satisfaction chat with the seller on Etsy, so I will not repeat myself (to myself). I’ll have it packed with a VA/Per blend here in a couple days, and see how it goes (I’d be shocked if it didn’t smoke amazingly).nnNothing too drastic happening here elsewise (word?). I tried to re-arrange for a ride to the grocery store soon, no answer, and no return call from my Voicemail. Starting to be status quo with this person again (unreliability). I cannot say that for certain, but I hope she answers, or at least responds, to the call/Voicemail I leave tomorrow. nnBeen a heavy rain ON, then sunshine OUT, then heavy rain ON, and then sunshine OUT type of a day here. #stlwx has no clue what it wants to do, so it is doing ALL of it, instead.nnThe sun is nearly completely set behind the somewhat overcast clouds. The balcony is 100% drenched from sideways rain earlier. I will be up late (probably), and more things to come.nnback soon

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