**pipes**nnI think the Weber estate pipe is arriving tomorrow (not that anyone is *too* concerned with tobacco pipe usage, but it relevant to me, so…). It said Thursday, but I think it will arrive tomorrow.nn**pops**nnI fetched a pop from the vending machine in the laundromat just now (here on the apartment complex property) and when I walked into my apartment, I saw that it was after 9:00 PM, and the laundromat closes *at* 9:00 PM (due to people tampering with the vending machines – likely junkies from the apartment complex across the road, unfortunately). I hope no one is “worried” about someone going in there at this hour (which was literally quarter past nine), but I used my regular door code to get in, so I don’t think anyone will be too worried.nn**prompts**nnI changed my CLI prompt (or “username prompt”, as I call it) on the Terminal app for my Mac a bit ago. I wrote about it a tad on [(sub)TMO](https://write.as/sub-tmo), but nearly no one reads that “side blog”, so I will mention it here. Before, the prompt read something like `myfullname%Thomas’s MacBookAir$`, or something like that, and I wanted it to just be `tmo$`, so I followed the (simple) steps for doing so with zsh (because I am on macOS Monterey now, which uses the zsh “protocol” or whatever) from a post on Medium.com, and everything worked out ok. Like, five steps.nnI of course had to consult the WWW to see exactly *how* I would change the prompt, so, to DDG I went. The first result in DDG results showed me an Apple Support forum question, and someone had essentially wiped out their whole hard drive by trying to do some iCloud reset method (or something), and all of answers seemed wrong (to me, and in fact they WERE) in the forum thread, and the (poor) guy was just trying to change his Terminal prompt. Everyone seemed to think that changing his iCloud username was the best way to go, so the guy took a 20-step click-through guide through his macOS Settings that someone advised him to do, and he later reported back that he lost several hundred GB of data + his TimeMachine backup failed, so he was essential SOL 🙁 Very sad.nnThat’s also typical of an Apple Support forum thread – everything is wrong and after three (wrong) answers, they ask you to open a ticket. Ridiculous.nnOddly, it *was* the first result in the DDG search, and the second (correct) answer was the link just below it, in the form of a Medium post. So that was a small detour (for me, but it might have wrecked the other guy’s life).nnGonna finish this pop and carry on with the night. Back soon.

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