As I mentioned, I ordered a Dr Grabow Royal Duke tobacco pipe, along with some different tobaccos and tobacco-related paraphernalia. Besides the pipe, the pipe *stand* is what I am most excited about with this order. Never had one. I *have* had the little plastic pipe stands for a single pipe before, but not a multiple pipe mini rack I suppose. It will accommodate the Dr Grabow, the Rossi, and the (busted all to hell) acorn cob. Soon, I will order a different pipe to replace the acorn, but I won’t be getting another cob until Summer 2022. At that point it will be the Missouri Meerschaum Cobbit, which I always wanted. nnChances are, I will pick up either a Savinelli 320KS, or a Savinelli 673 Bulldog. The 673 is the go-to pipe that the late John Hardin (Matches860) used as his Friday Savinelli in so many of his videos, and I always wanted one. It’s got quite a bit of a curve to it, and I prefer a straight(er) stem, but I can see myself enjoying the 673. Either way, a new Savinelli will be bought in January, I think. nnAnd also, it’s too bad that Pipes And Cigars (.com) won’t accept my debit card (it gets flagged as a pre-paid card, for whatever reason) because they are the only place I know of to order a Stanwell pipe, and I want a Black Diamond 98 Lovat *very* badly. I had a brushed black 98 Lovat once, and it was one of the better pipes I have owned. The Black Diamond has this nickel band around the stem + a piano key finish to the rest of the pipe, and it is just handsome as all hell. I will try to get one, somehow. nnOther accessories ordered? A Decatur tobacco pouch (in red plaid) for easy transport, as well as a single pipe *stand*, similar to what I mentioned a moment ago, also by Decatur. And then my usual VA/Per blend by H&H and some Double-pressed Kentucky by John Cotton. The Kentucky I am very much so looking forward to, as it is one of my favorite blends of all time.nnCan’t wait.nnBack later

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