So I had a brief conversation back and forth with the seller of the Weber estate pipe through the Etsy customer satisfaction chat feature (which is what I will call it), and the guy is nice, knowledgeable, and he believes the dating/era of this particular Weber is sometime in the 1970’s or 1980’s – COOL! Weber (the company) has long since been either bought out, or gone out of business, or what have you, but I have seen a lot of good things said about them in the YTPC (YouTube Pipe Community – which I feel like I am a part of, even though I do not make any type of videos), so I am looking forward to giving it a smoke :)nnAlso, I need to order *some* amount of pipe tobacco from TobaccoPipes.com (tonight) to break the briar in. I have a large order on that site that currently totals $112 (and still growing!) but it is likely to hit nearly $200 when everything is in the cart. Again, I am stocking up on nearly everything I use/need in life. But tonight, it will just be a small tin or pouch of tobacco (either an English or a Kentucky) to “get the ball rolling” with this new smoker.nnback soon

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