Went through like seven pipe cleaners to get the pokers like new. And this was an internal cleaning, not external, because I have no briar (wood) polish, so I just made sure they were not gross (on the inside) anymore. The Briarville Pipe Sweetener does a great job of stripping away whatever gunk, and residue and resin is in the pipes, and makes them like the day I bought them (OK, not quite *that* clean – but pretty fresh, all the same). They are now in the pipe stand drying out (which happens fairly quick because the majority of the pipe sweetener chemicals are composed of what is essentially the same stuff as nail polish remover (denatured alcohol)).nnNow, I write, and wait until later to smoke again (needed to take a break from it, anyway). I also re-confirmed the time for the trip to Schnucks tomorrow (when I have a ride), and it will be at 11:00, and that’s when I’ll buy the Clorox Wipes, Swiffer pads, as well as stock up on groceries to see me through until early next week. A LOT of stuff!nnBack later

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