At some point, I would like to go through the three totes/boxes of photographs my mother has downstairs at her house and digitize *most* of the photographs there (as digitizing ALL of them would take me months). Most are Polaroids, but some are traditionally developed film. I did this at one point in late-2013, and made albums for everything and had them on Facebook. I then downloaded each photo album again before *leaving* Facebook (permanently) and saved those albums to an external drive, and then in 2018 I accidentally deleted everything on the flash drive which held all 550+ photographs πŸ™ Terrible.nnSo, I need to re-digitize all of them. I remember it taking a bit over a week to get everything digitized, cropped, and uploaded. And by “digitized”, I mean taking a photo *of* each photo with an iPhone 5, and then cropping out the table surrounding it. Wasn’t *that* big of a deal.nnThis is something I may do in early-2022. Or I hope to, anyway.

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