I went ahead and designed a black hoodie from Designhill, and put a cool moonrise/moonset photo I took on the back of it, added some text in relation to the "old.leary" (odd) music project I have going, and saved the design (and created an account on the service), but the damn thing came to like $56(!). So, it's not likely I will buy it for the time being.

On the subject of money, I DO have my budget finished for February, and the more notable items are:

  • CBD gummies
  • birthday gift for mom (don't know what I will get, yet)
  • Geocaching.com membership

Then, a lot of the usual stuffs - bills, haircut, Tidal, Linode, tobacco, etc.

Everything here will be kept to a bare minimum in terms of cost (the smallest thing of CBD gummies, a single bag of tobacco leaf, the minimum amount I can (safely) put on my Linode account (which is $20, to make sure things keep humming along), etc.). And I am doing things this way in February out of necessity, but I plan on keeping things (bills) "stupid low" from February on forward. I won't owe anyone any money, and I don't have a lot of renewals or anything coming up, so I don't want to see X amount of dollars go out the door for dumb stuff.

I sort of have a (frugal) mindset of; NO bills are better than FEW bills, and I want to keep things that way. I mean, rent, gas (for the apartment, because no car), electricity, phone data - these all HAVE to be paid, one way or the other - but, I don't see why anything has to amount to more than that. And then I might be able to legitimately SAVE money that is coming in. Or, I would like to.

back soon