Every now and then, perhaps for S&G's, or perhaps to ween myself from my reliance on my laptop, I connect the MX Keys keyboard to my Moto G7 Power smartphone (still going strong!) and do some writing via this method, instead of always tippy-tap typing on the flimsy keys of the MBA. I like the MBA a good deal, but this MX Keys has a better "feel" to the keys (and yea, I can connect to the MacBook with this keyboard, but why do that when there is no display (or even a stand) involved?).

Anyway, the real reason I do this every so often, I think, is because I like to pretend that I will go back to using a phone and a phone only at some point in the future. I mean, I already made it "2 years mobile" (or, mobile-only), and it was fine, but at the end I really needed/wanted a substantial computing experience. But still, like 60, 70, 75%+ of Americans tend to be "mobile-only" when it comes to personal use - so why bother to cling to lappy toppys and (forsake me!) desktop environments? And tablets don't mean shit to me - mostly because they are large(r) versions of phones, yet, have all the awkward use cases of a laptop (not to mention usually no data with them, either - unless one pays a lot of money - and being data-less in/on a mobile environment is next to useless). So, if I am going to limit myself to a mobile-only environment, I had better have (GOOD) data, as well as insane amounts of portability (I can take a smartphone with me on a rollercoaster, if I wanted to, for example (not recommended though, of course)).

Anyway, my reasons for wanting to be mobile-only are the same now as they were when I was mobile-only in 2018:

  • portability
  • always have data (no connecting/re-connecting to random shit)
  • smaller attack vector (instead of having a desktop/laptop (that sits out somewhere) just sitting on a desk or couch, waiting to be fxxxed with or stolen, I would have a phone on-my-person at all times, instead (e.g. less likely to be stolen))
  • features - phone has a camera, GPS (that's actually accurate/useful), certain apps that only work with a (camera-enabled) phone
  • utility - everyone needs a smartphone in 2022 (trust me, I spent days trying to figure out how to use a feature phone only - can't do it) - so, being able to place calls, send SMS (or any instant message), snap a photo (which tends to have utility in and of itself more and more in recent years (think barcode scanners)), I could go on forever about a smartphones utility, but I will leave it there
  • price - phones are (generally) cheaper than any laptop or desktop that is worth a damn

So, can/should I flip back to a mobile-only enviro? Let's think about what I would actually NEED to go back to a desktop enviro for:

  • I would have to log in to my VPS every so often via CLI (on a trusted machine) so I can update random stuffs with the server this blog is hosted on. As well as run updates/upgrades on the Thanx server.
  • I would need to have (or at least have abundant access to) a laptop or desktop in order to do any type of web development work. No negotiations there.

And that is probably it. It's probably the single use-case that keeps me from hopping over to being "mobile-only": doing web development. And, of course, one can just STOP doing a thing that is "in their way", but I don't really think of dev as being "in my way". So, I'll likely keep up with the lappo toppo ;)

back soon