I just spent about 20 minutes talking to the moms about her phone/photo/video/data information and what steps she could/should take in order to make sure she doesn’t lose any data, doesn’t lose any photos/media when she switches over from her current AT&T account to my sister’s AT&T account (which they are going to do later on today). She will likely get a new phone, as well (likely an iPhone 13), and that will certainly make things easier in terms of synchronization of media, etc., but she only has the default amount of space on her iCloud, currently (which I think is only about 15GB). So, I told her she should try to upgrade her iCloud storage to 100GB (or more) *before* transferring phones. nnI also talked to her about possible external drives, auto-backups, etc. just to be sure she doesn’t lose anything in the future, but in her scenario, she just wants everything she has right there on her phone, which makes sense.nnAnyway, I think things will work out for her, but I hope she (eventually) gets more iCloud storage space, because that can save a lot of data loss, in her case. nnAlso, I am glad I have all my important docs (the few that I have) backed up on Google Drive, pCloud, and (in some cases) Standard Notes, as well. Also glad that I will have backups via Github for web dev stuffs in the future, as also have the auto backup feature enabled on (for $2 per month).nnBackups, they’re a good thing. nnBack later

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