Earlier today, in fact MOST of the day, I was sitting out on my balcony. Great weather for it. And as I did so, I hammered out a couple blog posts via W.a on Firefox mobile, as well as a quick Midnight.pub post via that same method. I cannot post on my Ghost blog with Firefox mobile, though, because the textarea (the blog body) gets all messed up and letters appear out of nowhere, and it goes haywire, and I have to close the app.

There are 3rd party mobile apps for updating a Ghost blog (probably), but I haven't delved into them, yet. Eventually, for sure.

Anyway, this evening I caught a livestream of The Pipe Nook (Eddie Gray) on YouTube, and it might be one of the last of it's kind, because YT is cracking down on cigar-oriented channels, and deleted an ENTIRE channel that had 139K subscribers! Wow! Brutal! (fxxx YouTube)

So, who knows what will happen with the greater YTPC (YouTube Pipe Community) at large? I did confirm that TPN (the website and blog) had an RSS feed, though, so I can at least keep up with that outlet/establishment/creator via that method. But some other YT-exclusive presenters? Likely to disappear, perhaps for good, which is sad :(

Everyone should just blog (write). I know that's not realistic (or even desired) by a lot of people who started on YouTube, etc., but it is a fairly "free/open" outlet (a blog of some sort), if someone wants to host their own blog software OR simply use a more "free/open" platform that doesn't censor the shit out of it's users (like YT does).

To each their own - IDK

Ok, I'm gonna make something to eat. Back later.