Permanent Record

I am listening to "Kiss Off" by Violent Femmes, and the clear as day line "this will go down on your permanent record" had me thinking of that old card trick by staff at schools when I was younger - I would do something "dumb" or "mess up" somehow, and the Principle or whomever had summoned me to their office would shake their head from side to side in disappointment, and say "Tom, this is going down on your permanent record". And for most of my mandatory academic career I thought this was a real thing. Like, some lifelong series of files were being kept on my fuck ups and setbacks. The staff never made mention of the "permanent record" when I did something GOOD. So, this document of decadence was only for the bad shit.

There were even conversations amongst other delinquents in the lunch room and in the halls: "where do they KEEP the permanent records? I wonder if I can hack into their system like Ferris Bueller's Day Off and reset all the entries into the permament record?" Brainstorms were had, but the topic of just NOT FUCKING UP was an option we hadn't considered. So the entire "this is going to follow you forever" narrative didn't serve it's purpose.

Just a recollection

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