There is a book that I saw mentioned somewhere, that I then "Googled" (or searched on DDG for (I just say I "Googled it")) titled Goodbye Without Leaving that is supposed to be sort of a humorous book about a person trying their best to be the best version of themself that they can be in a world of diminishing returns. Describes me perfectly! LOL!

And I thought (or hoped) for a brief moment when waiting the 1.3 seconds for the DDG search engine to return the results, that the book would be about life online/offline - and that I would be able to relate, due to how I kinda/sorta said "goodbye without leaving" what many have referred to as the "zeitgeist" of Internet, or Group Think, or Like Think, or if one is really Dystopian "the Panopticon", haha. But, I did leave much of what others have to say, and have said, behind me quite some time ago. They're there, having their quarrels, and typed battles, and flame wars, and doomscrolling rage fest, and I'm here, NOT doing so.

And I've said it before, and I'll say it again - I don't think the Internet is for MOST people. So many folks are easily (click)baited, enraged, easily persuaded, and guillible, to be honest. People are (everyone, including myself at one time for sure) filled with vanity, as well. And for whatever reason, they think they can be "a person", or "an influencer", or "an individual of significant...significance" online (regardless of their status OFFline) - which is perhaps true for some, and it is the exception to the rule, which most people know, but, that still doesn't stop a lot of people from "rolling the dice" of relevancy, usually.

It's a toxic scenario, for sure. Takes up a lot of people's time/lives. And I can ramble and rant about how so many things are important and good OFF of social media, and the Internet, in general - but in the end, it's whatever a particular individual chooses to do with their life that matters. Not my say what anyone does, ever.

So anyway, back to the world. Back to whatever. Doing the thing to do the thing.

back soon