![]( had an appt with my therapist a bit ago (over Google Duo). Was a nice chat, and she encouraged me to meditate 20 mins a day (which I will (try to do)). It is to address that fact that I am “keyed up” all the time – can’t read books, can’t watch movies, etc. I DO have concentration, and I never did have ADD/ADHD (we explored that possibility extensively when I was a teenager, it panned out to not be what was going on at that time). I just want to “move along” and not do ONE thing for prolonged periods. So, meditation might help.nnI am also sending her the [“billionaire haiku series’](, because I find them funny, and it is rare that I ever write any type of poetry, or haiku, or anything besides a journal entry.nnThen, I went to Schnucks. Bought food because I didn’t buy any when I was there earlier (just a couple soda). I figured: “I have food at home, no need for any this trip”, but then I got home and realized I was out of a lot, so I went back and got some after therapy was over.nnMy throat actually got *strained* when I was talking. Like, it began to “give out” at times, which shows how little I ramble IRL, with my actual vocal chords. I talk to people in “little spurts” here and there throughout the day (usually), but not in a non-stop fashion. Therapy, I do MOST of the talking (which is a good thing).nnback soonnn

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