payment discrimination, and other words of adulthood

Did the usual song and dance at midnight last night, which was midnight on the 1st of August (it is now 5:30 AM on the 1st of August), where I stay up late, and pay bills online. There's some folks that missed out though, for sure. Not mandatory bill payment services, those all got paid: (Ameren (elec), Spire (gas), Cricket (phone data), online rent payment, etc.), but when I tried to pay my overdue balance with AT&T (for unreturned equipment, after I had cancelled my service of a year ago, which amounts to $295 now), I decided my budget was just loose enough to handle the $295 overdue payment, and I hit "Submit", and I was given an error saying they do not accept AT&T gift cards for bill payment.


It's the same bullshit and pulls - tells me my debit card is some pre-paid gift card thing. It isn't, but the bank won't process it, either way.

So, until I find a new way to pay AT&T, no WiFi for me

Then I tried to order a henley shirt from LL Bean, a mandatory thing for this month (a new shirt, because my black v-neck tee is rotting on my body as we speak), and the same bit: won't accept gift cards, and my bank won't process the payment.


I zonked out after that, frustrated with any/all online payment methods. Woke up at 5:00 AM, and then went ahead and visited, and added a different style (and color) henley to a cart + other shit, and ordered, and it went through just fine.

AA batteries, AAA batteries, a stainless steel trashcan, a citronella candle, and some other shit - payment went through as-is, no hassle.

Now, other things for the morning.

back later

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