Listening to the entirety of Paramore’s *Brand New Eyes* album, and swimming in sonic euphoria because I fxxxing adore this album and always have. I also had some more coffee (now that my stomach is settled), and am feeling fairly wired from it :)nnThe evening is very nice, and I have the central fan on, as well as the floor fan, and the door open – so nothing has changed there other than a flipped over from AC to central fan, because the apartment is much cooler now. nnThis album, my god, so many awesome, (mentally) technicolor memories of the odd post-funk days of my life from 2009. I was a complete wreck in many respects (still) at that time, and I think it was only by adopting a dog out of the blue and simultaneously losing my pro blogging gig that made me feel like I had both A) lost a family member (or at least that is what it *felt* like (mentally) by losing my dream job/gig of blogging all the time for decent pay), and B) had to immediately, and on the fly, figure out how to maintain a positive mental attitude and find hope in the small things, because I had this animal to take care of all of a sudden, and make changes so my life didn’t fall apart.nnBizarre days, indeed. It was likely pure survival that jolted me out of whatever funk I had lingered in for the previous four years leading up until 2009. 2008, 07, 06, 05 – all a haze of whatever the hell “reset” mode I had gone into in order to function in life.nnSo it was 2009 that I re-encountered music as a source of sonic therapy, and a way to continue to lift my spirits, or at least confirm that whatever I was feeling was not some “out there” emotion of obscurity, and that others, indeed, experienced a lot of the stuff that I had felt, and was feeling at the time. nnI don’t remember what albums I came across first, or what I actively sought out in 2009, but I think it was mostly old(er) Punk Rock (though it was before my official “education” in the genre, which came two years later). It was also a lot of Pop music at that time (Lady Gaga, Lady Sovereign, Marina and The Diamonds, Lana Del Rey), but the two artists that stood out the most, that I got the most enjoyment from, were the Ramones and Paramore. Particularly *Brand New Eyes* and every song it had to offer.nnJust a brilliant band.nnSo, now I sit and revisit my second favorite album from the band, as I found even greater solace and meaning in the *All We Know Is Falling* album (their first) when I was in a certified depression in 2013. Amazing how music keeps someone going.nnAnyway, on with the night! Back soon

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