I am watching Lady Gaga’s music video for “Paparazzi”, and I always viewed it as a sort of homage, or respectful tribute to, the death of Princess Diana due to the regal/aristocratic nature of the costumes/sets. That, and the tragically glamorous lyrics and imagery within. It’s worth the watch just for the choreography part right in the middle of the video. Brilliant.nnI wrote a couple of other blog posts about music tonight [here](, and [here](, and I am swimming in the tunes this evening, for sure.nnI don’t know what it is, but I have quite the writing bug this evening. As well as the listening bug – I want to hear *all* the music! ;)nnSo, as one song ends, I transition into another one – Kelly Clarkson “Since You’ve Been Gone” (which always reminded me of the song “Set Me Free” by Marion Raven (which debuted on the Cruefest 2 soundtrack of all places)), and I am on some sort of sonic cloud with these songs, and I do not 100% know why. I feel fxxxing great! No drugs nor alcohol, nor any substance has been consumed – just light coffee for the past hour. Wow!nnWho knows, maybe Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” should be “spun”? Just say “fxxx it” and go all-out on the 2000 vibes??nnNope, hopped into a slightly different time period, instead – P!nk, “Don’t Let Me Get Me”. For anyone familiar with any/all of these tracks, you can almost hear/sense the pop sensibilities of these songs. Just pulsates with catchiness.nnOk then, as I finish up this song, and this coffee, I “wind down” with Tiger Army “Forever Fades Away”, which is *not* a type of song that “fits” with the rest, but is still oh so damn good.nnThis is more akin to late(r) 2000’s emo/screamo/pop punk style of music. When I think of Tiger Army, I think of the T-Mobile Sidekick “smart”phone and the pre-loaded tunes that came on it for a limited time (Good Charlotte, Yellowcard, All American Rejects, etc.). All relatively good bands, just not with much longevity with most of them.nnBack soon

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