Or I should say pancake, singular. Just made the Birchtree (or whatever it is called) blend of panCAKE with Log Cabin Maple Syrup, and that will give me the calories I need to make it over to Schnucks at 7:00 AM on this cold, Winter morning. *Is* it Winter, yet? Officially? I have no idea. It’s cold out this morning, I know that. I will be bundled up something proper when I walk to the store.nnGetting things like:nn- vegan sausage pattiesn- iced coffeen- bananasn- bagelsn- etc.nnI can only buy as much as I can carry. And I already have plenty of butter (for bagel toasting), as well as plenty of (Duke’s) mayo (for sausage sandwiches, with said bagels), and *that* will be the “official” breakfast this morning. That, and iced coffee. nnThe sun will be out most of the day according to the weather radar. The storms here the day before yesterday were crazy, but nothing like what Kentucky got (news channels on YT, as well as people I know IRL were saying an F5 tornado touched down there). I doubt YT will recommend any(more) stories on the Kentucky situation, though, because the 24 hours news cycle has already moved on, I am sure. They have sponsored posts to make, and people’s asses to kiss, so I don’t expect something like a U.S. town (at *least* one U.S. town – probably several altogether), and it’s devastation and destitution for it’s population to draw much of a thread of attention in “the media”.nnCan you tell I fxxxing hate news outlets? Probably glaringly obvious by now.nnBack later

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