So, I tossed the Ozark Trail backpack in the dumpster a bit ago, because it was well past it's prime (as it was the day I got it - not a very sturdy item). And I am all set to order the GoRuck Rucker 3.0 "rucksack" (which is what we called external frame packs in the military - the Rucker looks more like a fortified backpack), and to be honest, I am fairly excited about it (hence why I keep mentioning it, I suppose).

It will serve a purpose besides just day hikes, as it will be an out-of-town pack, a car camping gear bag, and also (if I can manage to pull it off) a traditional backpacking backpack (like, over 24 hours in the woods that involves hiking (backpacking) to the campground and back).

But here's the thing: despite what pack I have/use, I am sort of looking for a new activity to get involved with. I heard of geocaching in 2011 (I think was the year) when I took a land navigation course at REI in Brentwood, Missouri, and I have really wanted to try it ever since. You can read a bit about it here, but essentially what it is, is a outdoor treasure hunt (REAL treasure hunts!) for random items, or "loot", or whatever it is called. It involves land navigation (usually), wooded areas, different difficulty levels, etc. Really neat stuff. And also, I really need to brush up on land nav skills, as I think (I know) it is the best (or only) way to get out of the woods safe/alive if I ever got lost (can't just sit and wait for someone to come along, ya know). It (lack of land nav skills) also prevents me from doing many solo backpacking trips (which I have done zero of so far). So, I want to try geocaching.

I'm gonna look further into this, see what the resources are in this area (of St Louis), and see what's up.

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