Outlining some details for The "init commit" Project (TicP)

After writing about a desire to build a nice, always-on/always-ready home writing device (e.g. desktop computer), that is nearly 100% geared towards impromptu blogging, I decided to outline such a project here:

The “init commit” Project (TicP)

...which turned into 1,200 words of what I would consider a “textural mind map” of this (future, hypothetical) project.

So, some refinements have been made (already, just a couple of hours later) in regards to the details behind this project:


  • I likely will not be able to get an affordable motherboard that does everything want it to do for this project – that is, have VGA connections (for a CRT monitor) AND have the capable chipset to run a modern/recent distro of Linux (which is required to use the WriteFreely Terminal/CLI (style) application)
  • On that note, I decided that it should be relatively cheap and easy to obtain just an old (think late-1990's old) laptop that has both A) VGA connections (yes, that was a thing on laptops at one time), and B) an Ethernet port (that, too!)
  • So, perhaps an old laptop, or even a small-ish in size desktop motherboard (though if purchased through CL, it would likely be an entire tower PC, which is perfectly fine – I can probably “chop it down” to size ;))


  • I will scope around online and see what I can find in way of a 9x11 or 10x12 VERTICAL CRT monitor. Likely it would have to be salvaged from an old tabletop arcade machine (the majority of the time, those displays were vertical – vertical is the key in this case because this entire rig is for longform writing)
  • I also decided on opting for a monochrome-only CRT monitor (not with monochrome as an OPTION, but monochrome as it's only “color” setting – this will keep me from using the machine for things other than simple text writing (it IS a writing device, afterall!))
  • it will also have to be a CRT MONITOR, and not a CRT TV, as TV's have far too many channel/resolution settings/knobs/switches, and that makes everything 1,000 times more complicated – a CRT MONITOR is just that; a monitor – what gets plugged in (ideally) works, and nothing else has to be fussed with


  • a standard (modern/recent) distribution of Linux, and one that is compatible with the WriteFreely Terminal/CLI application (which is stylized like a Terminal in appearance, but is nothing more than a VERY minimal writing application that plugs into a Write.as or WriteFreely blog)
  • THAT'S IT! That is all that I want, and that is needed in terms of software for this project!


  • not 100% sure on this one yet. I can fashion and build something over time, but I will have to see the dimensions and details of whichever (vertical) CRT monitor I get for it is like


  • in all likelihood, an old model motherboard (be it from a tower PC or a laptop) will NOT be compatible with a modern version of Bluetooth, so I will likely go with a wired (old(er)) style keyboard rig with this (perhaps a mechanical keyboard), but that will be later in the game ;)
  • same for the mouse (which will need to be used sparingly), I will go with an older, wired mouse – because Bluetooth will probably not be an option

...and that's all I have for now! I want to keep the project as simple as I can, because I do not want to overwhelm myself. Should be a fun project to take on, for sure.

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