Evening here now. Coffee is going. Feeling good.

I have arrived at the conclusion that I will not be getting AT&T WiFi at my apartment in April. It's pricey considering all the other things I have to get. On a more "loose" financial month, it will be possible. But not this April. I am fine with this, as I have been meaning to do the other things I have in my budget for quite some time now - stock up on household goods for the apartment, spring for DNSimple and get all of my domains transferred over there (not to mention renew "olry.co" for another year (or more)), put plenty of $$ on the laundry card, stockpile Cascade and Tide Pods, etc. Of course there will be money left over, and I have no immediate plans for that.

Anyway, the coffee was nice (finished now). The central fan has been turned on, and the air outside is nice, too (47 - feels warmer). At 6:00 AM, laundry. And an apartment cleanup. And trash will be taken out. And other errands.

back soon