I don't know if I will ever actually update the Ghost blogging software that this blog runs on. I see that there is the command ghost check-update after I run the command ghost --help, but then when I run the ghost check-update command it says that I am not "in" a recognizable folder within Ghost (which does make sense to me, but I have no clue which folder to go to/get to, and how I would prompt the thing to get it to be "in" that folder). It could very well be the .config file, and that is easy to get to, but I have no 100% clear understanding of if this is, in fact, where I want to be when I am running the ghost check-update command, and I would rather not wipe out the entirety of the blog (and all of it's content) by messing this up. I am looking through the entirety of the Ghost documentation and trying to figure this out, but even though at the very top it says "update the software with a single command", I am not clear what this command is, or where I need to be (or what I need to be "in") to run said command. Everything in the code block box below this statement on the documentation page refers to the installation of Ghost, not a simple update. So, IDK.

I'll get around to this eventually.