or...Journal (is the theme I will use, instead)

I gave this theme (the one on this blog now) a spin some days back, when I was trying to get the Search function to work on tmo.name, and it didn't work (as I had configured the Search function wrong) so I rage-uninstalled this theme, but I should have kept it. It's nice.

There's some things I want to change about it - I would change the columns from saying "issues" to saying "entries" (as this is not a newsletter type of blog), and I would remove nearly all e-mail newsletter signup prompts blog-wide, as I never really intend to activate that feature (people can sub through RSS, and that is likely better for most people, because I post several long posts a day, and getting an e-mail inbox blown up with lengthy rants isn't what most people want).

And I went ahead and deactivated the Zap theme, because I realized there was no paging navigation. So, the 20 most recent posts, and then that was it. No way to page over and see the next (previous) 20 entries. Can't have that.

The Journal theme looks/works good, though. It'll stick around. A tad more "modern" than the  "Scriptor" theme from Very Good Themes that I was using since January (when I started this server/blog).

back soon

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