I went ahead and organized the files for **The Zine Around The Corner** on Google Drive, a thing I have been meaning to do for some time now. They (the files) are in a folder called “The Zine Around The Corner (all documents)”, and in there I have three file types:nn- .docx (my editable/”master” file)n- .pdf (for fast printing (RECOMMENDED!))n- .epubnn…then, I went through and downloaded each `.epub` version, and uploaded them to pCloud (where I host the public downloads for the zine), *then* I generated a share link for each issue and put it on the zine’s landing page [write.as/tmo/zine](https://write.as/tmo/zine), and *THEN* I clicked through to see how each `.epub` edition looked on the “Books” app on macOS, and…it looks like shit. Not formatted very well at all.nnSo…ok.nnI will have to work with this later. I don’t know the magic words to have it look pretty, and I am not going to do some collage-building shit, so for now, I recommend people click the **PDF** link next to TZATC, for now. I can fiddle with the ePub editions at another time. nnEverything is pretty/organized in my file system, though. Haha. All versions are in the Documents folder on the MacBook (under “zine”, obviously), and also pretty/organized on pCloud, and also on Google Drive. Neat. nnAnd I think I have everything (all my writing docs, in general) pretty organized everywhere *except* Google Drive, because IDGAF about Google Drive – I use pCloud and my external SSD for everything, and the Documents folder on my laptop just “mirrors” the external SSD, so…nnContinuing on with my day. nnI have hella phone calls to make before the day is over. Starting those now.nnback soon

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