There’s:nnJekyllnGhostnHugonn…and probably a dozen or more others that I haven’t seen out there on the WWW to do what it is that I want to do. Hell, even WriteFreely (the software behind Write.as) may work for what it is that I am trying to accomplish. The “easiest” (and best in some ways) to work with (I assume) is Ghost (as far as install + feature set), because I had that installed a couple months back, and had no issues with it. I *thought* Jekyll would be the easiest, as I had that installed on a Linode (I *think* I had it on a Linode, anyway) in late-2020. Had no issues then, but many issues with it (the install) now :/ Hugo I have not explored, yet, but I just got an e-mail suggesting I give it a go and use it with Netlify (if I spelled that right?).nnSo, there is a lot to look into, will keep me busy (a good thing). But for now, just some instant coffee and a bit of research into Homebrew (Mac software – might be avail on other platforms too, IDK). I also learned that PuTTy (is how it is spelled, with upper-case T’s?) is something completely different than what I thought it was (I assumed it was a third-party terminal for Windows, or whatever the hell – not important as I will not be using it).nnWith all the options out there and SO MUCH to learn, I feel like a total slacker for not doing this stuff ALL the time, lol! I mean, it isn’t like I would have to wait to jump straight into this stuff, but pacing myself is sort of the name of the game when it comes to web dev stuffs, because I *am* doing it just for fun at the end of the day.nnGonna enjoy this coffee, read about Homebrew. Back later.

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