How and why this person doesn't have a permanent "bed" at a mental institution or "home" or the "special" is beyond me. It's rare that I happen across someone so distraught and insane that is "out in the real world". I mean, I have been to mental hospitals before (for medication changes and whatnot), but I have never been and never will be committed to a genuine mental institution (because I am not that crazy/wild), but at the aforementioned hospitals, I come across people who end up going to "institutions", and you, I, anyone who happens across them will see/know that they sort of should be there (for their own good, of course).

The neighbor who lives below me, is some such person. A complete and total obnoxious racket, no form of reality to her existence, loud, destructive, and it really draws attention to the morality (or lack of morality) from the leasing management, because all they see is the rent that is being auto-paid by this insane person's family. Her sister stops by every so often (around the start of the month), and complains at/to her, and then is off to the leasing office to bankroll this person's stay in what is otherwise "normal"/"standard" housing (there's a shitload of bad stuff I can say about this apartment complex, but it isn't like subsidized or HUD housing or anything like that).

Anyway, for me, I am done with apartments. 100%. No matter where they are at. No matter how "nice" they are. No matter anything about anything - I am out the door in May and static dwellings can fxxx off.

That's all. Back soon.