4:40 AM, and I just took two Motrin in an attempt to calm the nerves in my back - which is all it is; nerves. Less so any type of legit muscle tightness nor spasms, and just a nerve-ending type of sensitivity, which is driving me fxxxing crazy. I kinda figure a decent walk/hike would take care of it, but it is single-digits again, so that is not happening.

CBD will help. And I have decided that I AM going to order the 30-count container of CBD gummies (from a reputable source) online in a couple days here. Can't wait until they arrive. And also, I will continue to stretch and workout, so that will help matters, too. I am hoping for some added mental clarity from the CBD, as well - as that is what CBD is primarily utilized for (from what I understand). It offers some form of mental therapeutic properties. So, all is going to be good there :)

Also, Summer cannot get here soon enough. I am sick of the layers of clothing, the biting cold, the tightness in muscles, the lack of outdoor activity, etc. I am a "True Missourian" in that, I LOVE all seasons, but at the same time, I HATE all seasons, lmao!

So, the general "plan-less plan", or what I "expect to happen" over the course of the next month (and beyond) is: receive CBD gummies, take at least one (if not more) every day (probably in the evenings), and write a lot. That's it. No rigid budget to tend to, or any "concerns" regarding what is needed in my day-to-day life, which I also chalk up to a/the benefit of minimalism - just keep things as passive and ambivalent as they can be. The habits and acitivites mostly stay the same; write often, exercise, eat right, be (generally) healthy and happy, try to make the most of my time (here, on Earth). But, at the same time, don't get worn down by any sense of "outside ambition" or "overdo" anything. Everything in moderation :)

And it's not that I'm "doggedly lazy", or anything like that. It is that I am radically efficient, and sort of "lite" in my life. Items, activities, responsibilities, committments - I don't need/want a lot of those things. Some people can/do work 'round the clock NOT to either A) have something productive to do, or B) because they love their job, or C) they feel they are "doing good" for the world - but they will work until stress eats them alive for the purpose(s) of simply "appearing normal". Or because "it's just what you do". Or some other brainwashed moniker that people convince themselves of in order to justify, what amounts to, a form of wage slavery.

But, at the same time, I am not saying that I am "not lazy". At in least terms of economic output - I do nearly nothing to move society along. And society has done nothing but marginalize and criticize me for my way of thinking and attitude that I have towards the world for the entirety of my existence, so why would I offer a helping hand to make the "ball move forward"? If people drink their Kool-Aid in terms of hustle, hype, and hubris and simply "don't have the time" to be pestered with the opinions/thoughts of someone else, someone different - then I cannot/will not contort to their standards in order to prop up the "normalcy" bubble.

So, what it boils down to is this; I do basically whatever the hell I want to do. That thing, is (usually) writing profusely. So, instead of referring to myself as "doggedly lazy", I'd say I am "doggedly simple". Or, "radically basic". Even if someone makes $50K a year, with good planning and a humble amount of savings, they could (in all likelihood) retire in less than two years if they were willing to "give up all that nEaT sTuFf", and just live a life of authentic purpose, instead. In fact, they'd possibly end up making MORE money than they had before (if that (making money) is a priority for them - which, if life were simple/efficient, I have no idea why it would be?).

Some people get distraught or concerned with "The Great Resignation", or a faultering economy (darn pandemic, keeping people home to preserve their own lives), but ultimately, it is only a "concern" or "issue" for A) people of wealth who skin the tops off of low-wage worker's earnings to engross themselves, B) people who have traditional investments in the literal stock market, and want lines to go UP and not DOWN, and C) people who read immense amounts of "news", and have no dealings with either the wealthy NOR the connected, and simply take issue with, and raise concerns about, an expanding economy (or lackthereof) because Bloomberg, or Business Week, or some other neo-capitalistic publication says these are "things we should care about". That "should" is a big word in modern journalism, and it should probably always be taken with a heaping dose of salt, because what a "should" is, is subjective - as most of the time (in a modern media sense), it just means what "so and so publication decides is relevant (or what should be relevant) in order to drum up the most sensationalism (and ad revenue) for any particular day". There is no ACTUAL "should".

Anyhow, enough talk (writing) for one morning. Beena good one. Be back soon.