An open dialogue about the 3,000 pound malignant elephant in the room. I mean, everyone can (AND DO) complain online in every little nook and cranny about their use of social media, but damn, if it IS making people miserable, sit-the-fuck-down and draw a BIG line in the sand and say “fuck it, I’m done with it outright”, cause that’s the only friggin’ chance you have, baby!nnIt’s a big, jarring, kick in the gums to stop Cold Turkey, and that’s all there is – first and last option. nnSo, in reference to [this blog post](, **I** *DO* care! I care deeply about what people in the world, “out there” are doing with their lives, how they are spending them, etc. Maybe do something good sometimes so I don’t feel like an ass 24/7?nn

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