onto a small project, which was started on a whim this morning

Yesterday, I wrote about my "blog 1.0 example", and it had me thinking about how I could make some ratty, direct-from-server "blog", and write the entries through the nano editor, itself.

Simply make every entry it's own .html file, and have a list of ordered entries on the front page (the index.html file), and little else. Some (most) of it would be quite manual, so that is fun, too.

So I sprung for a domain (I told myself I wouldn't do that ::cries:: (sarcasm)) via GoDaddy, and have an initial entry here as "rawtxt.digital/entry-0001" and the entries will be consistent with /entry-0001 and /entry-0002, etc, for easy organization. The posts titles will be nothing more than an </h3> tag up top, and the posts sandwiched between </p> just below. The "landing"/front page (the index.html page) will have more "stuff" and "details" to it, but the .html entries will have no styling done to them (I don't think).

Fun in the cyber sun!

back soon

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