I swear, writing – it can be a convoluted thing when it comes to modern consumer technology, lol! Words are words, a text box is a text box (and what *is* a text box, anyway?), and what someone wants to *truly* say can (usually) be said just about anywhere (unless it is social media, as they censor and ban that shit – over there it’s *their* way or the highway).nnBut before, it was either a typewriter, or pen & paper – that was basically all there was. That *was* writing. Then computers came along, and even Noam Chomsky used a desktop PC in the 1980’s (I’ve seen his home office pictures – such a cool, cluttered den), and Stephen King used (and uses) a computer for his writing dating back to…whenever the hell he made the switch (80’s, probably). Very few typewriter holdouts in this regard (HST used a typewriter up until his death in 2004/05, Woody Allen (a monster) uses a typewriter to this very day). And I, too, *loved* my Brother typewriter! What I miss in instantaneous “publishing” online, I make up for with instantaneous fungible **creation** in front of my face. Essentially, when I “do a thing” (write), I want to be rewarded with “that thing having been done” (either by getting it “live” online, or papers on my desk of words written). Everyone *loves* (or writers love) to fill that tray, that bin, that corner of the desk with completed pages, and I love to see a homepage of a blog full of things I’ve written – it’s *part* of the writing process. nnAnd this is one of the reasons why I don’t like social media (one reason of MANY reasons) – the posting of my words online to a social media platform adds unnecessary complexity (and unnecessary vindication) to what gets written. In other words, it goes like this:nn- I write a thing > I see what I’ve written > personal sensation of satisfaction – cycle is now completennOR (with social media)nn- I write a thing > I see what I’ve written > I post to social media > I wait for vanity-driven vindication (or at least *acknowledgement*) of having written said words > cycle is never complete (be is zero engagement, a few “Likes”, or 100 Likes – it’s always has to be more)nnSo, writing then becomes an open-ended (radically unsatisfying, and in fact *frustrating*) endeavor. So, I stay away from socials altogether. But, even without social media knee-capping my personal “satisfaction” formulae, I still find myself wanting to find the *most* satisfaction from having written something. And also, to “minimize” where those things occur. A Ghost blog, a W.a blog, a personal (homemade) blogging platform, a notebook in the Joplin application – it’s easier to address (or approach) writing for *what it is* than *where it’s at*. So, I want to narrow some things down in that regard. If I write a thing, it gets written. And where it happens isn’t important (in my eyes). And as long as I am *satisfied* with having written it.nnBack soon

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