It is 4:53 AM. I stumbled (almost literally) out of bed, feeling groggy and the left foot *slightly* swollen, but I awoke due to the fact that I had a proper/full sleep from having gone to bed around 10:00 PM last night. A significant and decent night’s sleep – an extreme rarity and almost impossibility from what I had been up to and where I had been for the majority of the past ten days. Some of those days (running concurrently) where I simply did NOT know where my next chance/opportunity to get a good night’s rest would present itself again.nnSo, a decent night’s rest is 100% appreciated and acknowledged, and I feel good about it :)nnNow that I am awake and I’ve had morning coffee, I’ve brushed my teeth (post coffee) and very **carefully** used a small, sharp knife to pop the lingering blister on my left heel (yes I know, gross) and made a *very* small incision and let it do it’s thing. It had become somewhat of a liquidized bubble of non-healing…whatever, on the bottom of my foot and I had to do something about it. Being careful to NOT create a lot of dead/calloused tissue, and therefore needing to take further action with it. I want the calloused tissue to flatten out and reabsorb into the “normal” foot tissue over time. And ideally the while thing will heal up very quickly.nnAnd, it is 70-ish degrees outside, and the Spring is melting away into Summer, and I feel I am “ready” for the heat of Summer. I don’t know how to say it, other than I am just “prepared” or “happy about” the fact that the weather is turning warm at *this* point in time, and Now. I hear a lone cricket outside my sliding glass door, and can feel the still, humid Missouri air creep in throughout my living room, and the ambiance and *mood* of Now (or, the weather conditions of *right Now*, and it’s effect ON my mood, I should say) is fulfilling and rewarding.nnAt around 7:30 AM I will make a short jaunt to BP, pick up smokes, and then perhaps Schnucks later on in the day after that. An average type of a day, I’d say. nnAnd, I hopped on the scale (even though I am retaining a bit of water/fluid from the foot (feet, really) swelling and whatnot), and I clocked in at 196 pounds(!). Three pounds lost in a week! Some would consider this a *great* thing, but for me, I would like weight to come off in a more gradual and consistent manner, and considering all the ups and down from eight of the past eleven days, I would say that methodology of weight loss was DEFINITELY unhealthy, and though I am not going to try to put ON weight (at all), I will try to “average out” of sustain the 196-ish pounds for a while and still (sort of simultaneously) try to bring down the weight to the 190 goal that is important I reach at SOME point within the next…three months? Six months? A year? I do not set arbitrary time limits – I just need to be at or around 190 pounds at SOME point and then continue to STAY at that weight to retain decent health. Being too much over or under weight is painful and uncomfortable for me, and it always has been.nnSo, that’s it for now. I hope everyone is doing well, and is enjoying their Tuesday so far (if they are awake for it, yet).nnBack soon

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