...and my clothes are still not dry. The dryer I put them in must be broken. So, I put them in a different dryer and crossed my fingers. It has always been a game of "Whack-a-mole" with those dryers (well, it has been for the past year) - never know which ones will work on which day, etc. They had better be dry after this attempt, because there are finite funds on my laundry card.

So now, I return home to quasi-hot coffee (I made it before "fetching" the clothes), and sip on this and wait another hour. I 100% plan to go to BP, but not if my clothes are "cooling off" in a tumble dry. I want to have those done and brought home before I go anywhere.

So, I am going to check the clothes here after this blog entry, and then take out the trash, and then check the mail, and then walk to BP. Or, I will walk to BP if the clothes are doing OK.

That's that for now