writing this via MacBook (!!!)nnI went to the Proxies Settings (under “Advanced”) under Network Settings on the Mac, and lo and behold, the Proxies Setting for…some IP address I had to type in or whatever, was off by *one* character – and *that* is why PDAnet+ wouldn’t work on this Mac recently. nnNow, things seem to be working OK. (OMG!)nnWhat a damn relief! nnStill, I am buying the CricketWireless mobile hotspot on December. 1, and nothing can stop me, and I will have *even better* Internet at home (and hopefully not get kicked off time and time again).nnI *just* finished writing about how bored I was without a computer in the Joplin app, too. Like wishing upon a star of Internet, lmao!nnSo, I guess I *don’t* need the PDAnet+ app for Mac to use PDAnet+ (for Android) with this device. I just need to type in that Proxies schpiele and I am good to go! Hooray!nnThis works, for now. Back later.nn

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