On with the show

Those with the penchant for and familiarity with, Hair Metal, or Glam Metal, or 80's "Glam Rock" or however one describes it, the immediate thought that comes to mind with the phrase "on with the show" is the song by Motley Crue off their Too Fast For Love (their first) album, which was the first artistic offering that Nikki Sixx put into the world to start to tell his story of childhood trauma, difficulty in his "coming-of-age story", and is done so through lyrical form.

Definitely a catchy tune with a lot of "pop sensibilities", and it (On With The Show) has been my favorite song off that album since I first heard it.

I don't know why I mention this, other than the phrase is permanently tied to that song from now, since the early-90s, and will be until forever.

Anyway, I've returned from Schnucks, and making breakfast, and awaiting 9:30 to roll around to call my caseworker and remind her that I have an appt at 3:15 this afternoon, that she said she would give me a ride to. And I am hoping that this appointment is still on the books, because the immense rain/flooding that came through here may have an impact on both travel and what is open. St Charles, Missouri, where my doc is located, had several days of heavy rain, so I have no idea what the situation is up there.

Have a good morning everybody, and on with the show!

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