I am sitting here, and for whatever reason I am thinking of children and how/why I ever wanted to have a child. How (is obvious how it is achieved), but how to make a "child rearing" situation work in my life, is a thing that never seemed clear to me. Because to me (in my eyes), I feel that one can (sometimes, but not always) go a fairly "rigid" route to having kids. So, attend college, graduate college, get a decent job, have a home, have a car, decent medical/dental benefits, etc. This is what my life was when I was a child, and this is how I would want things to be for a child if I had one. But, I am generally not in that economic disposition. If I had intended to be in that disposition (say, I have a great job, or/and degree, or/and car, or/and home, or/and great relationship with a significant other - so let's put a kid in the mix), then yea, why not do things a "normal" way? But it became clear to me at around the age of 25, that I was likely not going to be in this situation - the situation of economic stability, let alone having any type of significant prosperity. So, that has always been a big factor for me to not pursue (or even daydream of, or really take any particular interest in) having a kid.

So there's a/the economic argument I would make (for myself (as anyone else can do whatever they please)) for not having a child. And there are other factors, too - 1) I never really liked kids (they're stressful/annoying), 2) I'm terrible self-centric and selfish, I only usually do what is right by me, 3) I am not real keen on complex compromise in a relationship with a significant other in terms of "working out" what needs to be worked out for....anything. 4) I am (probably) fairly immature.

So, all economic arguments put aside, those are four VERY good reasons to NOT have a child. But, again, it's just one of those things that when I ever considered or looked into the concept (of having kids), I always saw a big glaring list of CONS and nearly no PROS whatsoever. And yea, it could have been because of the way I was raised, and the attention/non-attention I received in my upbringing, or the way I observed the world at that time (sort of a nurture/nature argument), but I don't dissect and distinguish nuanced detail of "how" and "why" I feel this way, it's just how I am, and likely always will be. So, I just let it ride.

Anyway, just wanted to hammer some text about that. Be back soon.