**Thinking of Thanx**nnIt has been my baby for over a year now (December 1 will mark ~15 months on the project), and I am still smitten with it πŸ™‚ And to be clear, it has been 15 months since I picked up *any* web development activities of *any* type, and I have learned a LOT along the way, and am still learning, and will continue to learn, as it is the only way to grow. I plan on doing a long, drawn-out blog post on the service itself about where I came from, where I am (at that time), and where I am going. Everyone who follows this blog, or pops in on occasion will see the progression, the development, the changes being made here and there, and my “*vision*” for the product becoming clearer, more refined over time. It’s the best thing seeing it come to life, honestly.nn**So, why web development, again?**nnIt’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a teenager. Since using the Internet on a *daily* basis, starting in 1997, I always thought that the WWW was some life-changing shit, if you knew how to use it. I remember wanting to have a simple Geocities landing page for myself back in the day, and I couldn’t even figure *that* out at the time, and it wasn’t until I went into “full study mode” and began to use self-discipline, and embraced my inner autodidact that I realized that I could in fact do a LOT with the tools at my disposal. In 2002, that meant a dated Gateway 2000 Windows machine and using AOL Members Space to create a self-hosted blog (which I called “O’Leary’s Corner” (now long gone)) to write out my thoughts every Friday and Saturday night after returning home from parties. I had lost that skill (of publishing on the Web) soon after that when I went to STL Job Corps, and then the Army, and then swam around in a bottle of booze for a couple years, and didn’t get back on the WWW bandwagon until 2006. That journey (or *this* journey) began with Notorious News (on Blogger) and I wasn’t self-hosting or anything, but I *did* become at least adequately proficient at HTML/CSS/JS again to make a presentable site for the readers of the blog. Then came social media (for me) in 2009, and by 2011 socials ate the blog world’s traffic, and the numbers became abysmal (on *all* blogs I was affiliated with), and essentially nothing happened from 2011 on forward (with me, anyway) – I just Tweeted all the time, haha (sigh).nnIn comes 2019 – I leave social media, I start to make small, #NoCode projects on Carrd.co, I blog about all of them (scattered throughout the archives of *this* blog), and the one that got the most attention, that people wanted to see as a legit product was **Thanx**. And *I* wanted to see it made into a REAL thing, too! So, I started to learn web development (for the second time in my life – but really the *first* time, because I am way ahead of where I was in 2002 (I never tooled around with a terminal back in the day, not that I remember anyway)).nnSo, it’s fun. It continues to be fun. And in all likelihood, always *will* be fun!nnLong live the WWW!nn#dev

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