I could/should do it. But I know that I won’t do it. I have a book here that was self-published by my Uncle “J” (by a publishing service called StoryWorth), and I only have this book for a few days, and I could/should read it, but I am sure I will not even take it out of the bag. Not because I don’t love/respect my Uncle “J” (it is a book about his life – basically a memoir), but because I literally have zero(0) patience to ever read a book. Or even a fragment of a book. I can read 500-1,000 word blog posts all day long, and *write* 2,000-4,000 words every single day of my life, but, when it comes to traditional books, paperback, hardback, e-books, or whatever, I just get unnecessarily anxious, and I want to be doing *anything* else besides reading a book in that moment.nnI am sure it is some sort of perverse psychological thing, but I am not sure of the cause or solution for it, so I will just sort of “live with it” for right now.nnThe thing is, I have gone years at a time where I read every single day! From 15 years old until I was at least 25, not a day passed where I didn’t find myself reading at some point or another. From 26 to 30 (four years) I read maybe eight books, in total. From 31-34, I read at *least* 15 books (which doesn’t sound like a lot, but for me it kinda was). And from 35 until now (I’m 38) I probably picked up two books, and read through *most* of them, but didn’t finish them 100%. I am sure that since the start of the pandemic, I read half of a book called “Letters From The Dead” (about a Norwegian Black Metal musician), and re-read half of “The Art of War”. Everything else that has crossed my path, I just didn’t even try.nnAt this point I am sort of anxious about *NOT* reading as much as I used to, and I am considering buying a (dreaded) e-reader, JUST so I can rekindle (pun!) my interest in the subject. I always liked the Kindle Paperwhite (in the color white) and think it has a nice form factor and has the features that I want. I am still 100% against Amazon, and I always will be, but in some scenarios I feel my hands are tied in terms of e-reader selections. nnOf course there *are* other options, and other devices with unique “e-reader operating systems” on them, and I am going to look into those, as well, but whatever I decide on, it will have to A) be affordable, B) able to import `.mobi` or/and `.ePub` files, as that is how I would be getting (buying!) all of my books, and then manually “installing” them (of course this applies to 3rd party e-readers, as Kindle/Amazon is a closed system to begin with).nnSo, I am going to look into what is out there right now. I gotta at least *attempt* to start reading again!nnback soon

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