So, I more or less decided for now to not deal with handwritten note-taking, or journaling, or anything like that, because I've done so for months on-end before (mid-2016), and it isn't terribly interesting to me. I was still in a "pace around my apartment in the near pitch black and stress about bills phase" of my life at that point (debts came due, and I was digging myself out of a hole). But anyway, it was handy to always have pen + paper on hand, so I could jot down random budgets and put my thoughts down on (physical) paper without needing to send a 100th Tweet of the day or write out some (usually ignored) blog post about it on Tumblr.

So, I will stick with Ghost. And the editor on this platform is nice, and I adore the fact that I am self-hosting now. But the theme has to be changed up. The theme I was thinking of getting (called "Royce") already has compatability issues with the Preview Mode on Firefox in the Ghost Theme Market store, so I will not be paying $24 for a theme that may not be properly maintained in the future. The theme that my friend Mike suggested is nice, so I may go with that, and just see what I can do to customize different parts of it.

For such a big platform, Ghost really is lacking in themes, though, it seems. Of course, if they make it difficult for 3rd party devs to maintain a theme on the platform, or do some arbitrary (yet, theme-breaking) point upgrade every month, then I can see no one WANTING to make themes for the platform. And that is why I said "minimal is good" in the previous post, because the less one has to maintain, the easier/better it is for everyone.

Anyway, I will likely swap out this theme soon, then do the backup, then install the update via Ghost CLI.

back soon