**photographs**nnSomeone suggested (I guess on Discuss.write.as) that there be a version of Snap.as that one can host themself. I know that hosting my own blog with WriteFreely software is possible (but I still prefer Write.as), but having my own self-hosted Snap.as would be pretty cool, too. Maybe. I think the only problem I would run into is storage, because photos take up more space than text documents, and storage means more server costs, etc.nnBut still, I am not *too* smitten with, nor terribly interested in photography, in general. I mean, I snap a photo every now and then and put it up on [Snap.as/tmo](https://snap.as/tmo) (or just put the photo here on this blog), and have some galleries set to Private and some set to Public, and spend almost no time thinking about it/them.nn**whatnot**nnI don’t know. I never put a lot of value behind them, but that’s probably my own issue with not valuing things that so many other people find valueless. Like cars, or homes, or even family – why bother? I mean, cars *are* fairly useful, as are residences, and I love my family – but, I don’t buy my OWN car, or house, or start my own family. Ambiguity seems to be the name of the game, for me.nn

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