I was just thinking of this briefly (I don’t know why). On how sometimes a band will replace the lead singer of the group, and then the remaining band members will continue on with a *new* lead singer, and the *old* band name.nnThis is a tragic mistakennNow, the band CAN continue on with a new lead singer, as long as they use a new band name – that’s great. Maybe the music will be better? Or worse? It doesn’t matter – the band name matters to fans (because it brings up the question of what “is” **is**).nnI think I was listening to Paramore (self-titled – 2013), when I was trying to think of who played drums, and I knew it wasn’t Zac Farro, because he hadn’t rejoined the band, yet – it was just Hayley, Jeremy, and Taylor. And then I thought “what if Hayley went solo (she later released solo music, but didn’t “go solo” – she’s still 100% with Paramore) and Paramore continued on with a different lead singer? How fxxxing preposterous!”nnThis mistake has been made, too – John Corabi (former of early-90s Motley Crue) is living proof that when a “big” lead singer gets replaced, the consequences are disasterous (not a word? Misspelled?). And, it divides the fan base **greatly**. It’s jarring and invasive. nnRarely, oh so rarely, can a band continue on with a new lead singer and the *same* band name, and actually prove to be “worthy” OF that name. Even though there is still *vast* and *deep* divides amongst the fan base regarding “which is which” in terms of “the real deal” (again, what “is” **is**). Van Halen did this – David Lee Roth on vox was absolutely amazing, and, Sammy Hagar on vox was absolutely amazing, too – but, there are still deep divides amongst the fan base on which is “better”. And that’s a bad thing to do to the fans.nnJust wanted to state my thoughts on thisnn

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