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I just watched the trailer for The Social Network, a great movie.

I despise what Facebook became, and it wasn't "that hot" to begin with in the beginning, but in 2010 with the release of that movie just around the time FB reached 500M users, the first time any website graced that type of number, and the unparalleled quality of that movie, it gives me goosebumps.

I remember going to Blockbuster (in them days) to rent TSN, and ended up just buying it on Bluray, instead, because Shay Carl (of The Shaytards) had shown that he got it for Father's Day in one of his (once daily) vlogs. I had a PS3, so I figured to just buy it, unseen, and hope I would like it, and it did not disappoint.

Trent Reznor scored the film (did the music for it), and the traditional songs on it were pretty cool, too. Scala and the Koleney (sp?) Brothers did the cover of Radiohead's "Creep" for the spookily entertaining trailer for it (the one I just watched), and, how could you not see it?

FB of course became hammered dog trash, and everyone hates the service now, which I wasn't very fond of when I joined in 2009, until 2014 - it was just too "familial" for me, and I had already fallen ass-backwards into Twitter and hamming it up with celebrities (as in, actual famous people) back then, as that was a totally "normal"/expected thing to do on Birdsite in 2009. Tweeting Kat Von D or Ashton Kutcher or Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue (whom I worshiped since I was seven), me or anyone else could expect a response within a few minutes - star power, wow!

The whole bit (all of social media) is a completely different scenario now, of course, and it sucks that so many (due to age or indifference or whatever) "missed out" on the earlier days of those services (Twitter, Facebook, and even MySpace) when they were more or less "interesting" and "optimistic".

We all sank it/them, though. Our shitty attitudes, our over-use and unchecked consumption on those sites, getting more and more "bored" and "frustrated" that nothing "scratched the itch" with them anymore - it (the user interest) was sure to fail as time went on. And it most suredly did.

Now TikTok is here, and it's the same DNA. I never used TT, even though I clicked a couple links from YT profiles not knowing I would go to that Website, and then just immediately clicked away, and people will get burnt as a July BBQ hot dog (weird analogy) on that service likely any day now. I mean, the "burnout" from TT (as the service has been popular for several years as of now, 2022) has already happened, and is happening, but like FB and Twitter, people will just keep going back, because a lot of people don't seem to have control sometimes.

Not faulting/teasing, just pitying :/

But yea, "what could have been" with FB/Twitter definitely went away in 2012 or so, and it has not returned and never will, and it shouldn't. No remorse on my end, as it was a "extra bonus" type of dopamine "yum yum" that could have been a simple "fad", but companies can't sustain themselves as a "fad", of course, so here we are, some of us, still. LOL!

ok, back later

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