You know, I've seen a lot of stuff written over the years on, and on Twitter before that, about how designers, devs, entrepreneurs, etc. HATE doing any type of marketing, and that they sometimes outsource that part of their business. They don't like running advertisements, or doing any of the work to "get the word out". And really, this is beyond foolish, because that's the ONLY way anyone can ever SEE whatever it is that person made! I mean, I certainly see not wanting to devote $$$ towards advertisements, but unless a product/service has incredible word-of-mouth (if they're lucky), or if the dev is an influencer (which is likely why they are developing (usually a half-assed) product to begin with - a quick buck), then an advertising budget is 100% necessary. And some form of marketing outside of that is probably necessary, as well - whatever it may be.

Just taking note

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