Life logging. Taking down in some deliberate format the events of one’s life. Public or private, handwritten or digital, typed or video’d, video’d or recorded audibly, recorded audibly or drawn through expressive art – it’s moments and mile markers of one’s existence. A thing to do, and (for me) I think it should be done.nnI like it. It helps. Helps me leave a trail of bread crumbs to see where I’ve been, and perhaps manifests a type of mental compass as to where I am going. Avoiding repeats, and not backtracking. As Albert Einstein once said: “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does rhyme”. Brilliant.nnThat’s all I need to say *about* the subject, really. But I will also mention that I like to read, view, listen, to *other* people who “log” their lives. Document a journey – even if it is THEIR journey, their ENTIRE journey, their very lives.nnA fabulous thing to do, really.nnI remember in 2014, I would watch a YouTube channel called “Meaphe” (it’s still there, not updated in years), and it was a 20-something woman who had finished college, and moved to Japan to teach English to young children. She started the channel with her in a sort of “waiting dorm” as she waited to get her dormitory-style apartment, until she eventually moved into a “regular-sized” apartment (whatever that looks like to an individual). She made daily videos, about her excursion and time in Japan. She titled them “Abroad In Japan” (before the “big”/”popular” YouTube channel came about that was *titled* “Abroad In Japan” – which was fairly different). And she, Meaphe, numbered her videos, and they went up to the upper-300’s, I believe. Or 400’s, or 500’s, I can’t remember. And for a long time they were certainly daily, but some were sporadic. But, she documented **so much** and it was **so much fun** to keep up! Talking about the odd elements of Japanese food, why one *should* or *should not* do this or that in that country, how her day at the school went, walks down rural roads near rice fields, etc. nnI found the channel in 2014 when I was searching “minimalist Japanese apartment tour”, or something like that, on YouTube. But when I saw the video had a number on it (300 something), I decided to look at the channel and saw all *kinds* of interesting stories, and candid (kinda self-but-also-to-an-audience) discussion, stuff I found sincere and interesting.nnAnd then I binge-watched 250 episodes (from the start to #250). Two hundred and fifty episodes! Each spanning between ten minutes and 30 minutes! It took *weeks*, but I found it so damn neat! LOL!nnSo, a month after I finished up that watch party, I moved to midtown St Louis (which I had been arranging for the better part of a year), and then *I* started to write stuff. Daily. All the time. For fun. To “come around to”, or eventually “recall” stories from time to time. And sometimes stories come about, sometimes it’s just “an update” – but it all melds together, in my mind.nnI guess that’s all I have to say about it right now. Back soon.

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