So, I think that starting in mid-January (NOT as a New Year Resolution – I don’t do those), I am going to start HAVING my act together, as I have been GETTING it together for the better part of a month now.nn**What do I mean by this?**nnWell, I got my Missouri Real ID made, as well as a replacement (updated) debit card, I added a healthy chunk of money (credits) to my Linode(.com) account (more needs to be added there still), I *cleaned up* and refocused my attention to web development (there was another “pivot” in terms of how the **Thanx** Project will work – but exact same concept, I just had to NOT bite off more than I could chew), and soon I will have my (backup) Revolut Card, as well as have a U.S. Passport made. Also (more importantly), I will be getting my COVID booster shot *this* Monday (the day after tomorrow), and then a couple weeks after, I will get my Flu shot. And I also went through and made sure all online accounts were updated with proper information, that I had a (new) secure password (or, passwordS) set on each account, that I had a form of backup contact info on my ProtonMail account, as well as upgraded to a “Plus” version of PM (so I do not run out of storage). I also backed up all of my GOOD photos to Google Drive, made proper folders for all writing + PDF documents on pCloud, etc etc.nnSo, all is handy dandy there. I think the only thing that I will add to the list of “To-Do’s” is to buy a 1TB external SSD, that way I can have *even more* redundant backups for photos, writing, and on and on. Local storage is always a good thing (because as of now, I am far too reliant on cloud services exclusively).nnBack later

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