I think because I had ES Tylenol all day, *that* is why I feel nasty, sickly. I mean my tooth bothered me a bit before, and my leg needed *something* to start the day with so it wasn’t sore, but shit, I don’t *need* to take it again anytime soon. nnAnyway, coffee was a bust. Had two sips and didn’t feel like finishing the rest. Having water now instead, after some OJ.nnI gotta tell ya, I hate pills. Anytime I have to take them for something that isn’t 100% necessary, it’s gross feeling, I think. I have no problem with Rx strength Nexium for my stomach (or esophageal) issues, and I have no problem with Abilify for a better mood/mindset, but, Tylenol, or sleeping meds, or cold medicine, or anything else I do NOT like. Every year I WILL get the flu vaccine and I already had both Moderna shots for COVID, but those are just little pin pricks once per year. Not a big deal, at all. Daily (and feeling *toxic* daily) medications are just….bleh!nnback later

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