There are "groups" (a terribly vague word)

And also "communities" (what do the members have in common, anyway? WiFi access?)

And then there are "networks" - a group (of sorts) vying towards a common goal, or goals

There are "verses" - like the "Twitterverse" or "Metaverse" or "Fediverse", with the end goal being togetherness (despite it's realities)

And there are "spheres" - like the blogosphere, which (to me) is just that; a sphere of interest(s), traits, and tight-knit correspondence

Of course I am favoring a/the "sphere" moniker over the others, because the others I have tried in the past, and have a relative distaste for them, and people can go ahead and "keep" them, if that is what floats their boat.

But keeping a small footprint on the Web, be it the "small web", or the "regular, World Wide Web", or on Gemini, or Gopher, or IRC, or whatever the case may be - having a "home to call home" makes a fair bit of difference to people (nerds) such as myself, and being in/of a sphere just kind of suits me a fair bit.