As far as writing goes, I’m all for it. I do it a lot, love it, will never stop. As far as writing *books* is concerned, it likely won’t happen again with me for a very long time. Writing the entirety of the (poorly written) book *Job Corps Rule!* took a lot out of me. That and living in a big city. And also medications not working properly at the time. And also the loss of my dog. A tumultuous, difficult, and hectic time that was not worth having. And the book (writing it) didn’t keep me grounded, either. It just made me feel guilty for having not worked on it often enough – even though I DID manage 100K+ words in seven months. The milestones were better than the book, itself. Walking down Delmar Blvd at 6:00 AM in early-Spring and realizing that 100K words were **finished**, and that I could free up some mental headspace again before starting the editing process – that felt good. Starting the book and finishing the first chapter in mid-2014, and seeing where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do, having a world of possibilities with it – that felt good. But, overall the entire thing was just another drain on my life. And with zero payoff for having done it. I might have a copy of it somewhere on the cloud, I might not. Doesn’t matter. Like I said, terrible writing. nnAnd I realize now (at the ripe age of 38), that books are NOT my thing. Of course reading other (great) books that *others* have written is quite nice – but *I* do not have the patience or know-how to make a book come to life. Or be anything other than a monotonous grind (for both me, *writing* the book, and the reader, *consuming* the book).nnMaybe if I enjoyed the process more, or desired to make a thing (an artistic endeavor) for the world, I would care more about writing them. But I don’t. I DO like “labors of love”, and learning, web development, and things that are seemingly “difficult”, but that is usually the *point* of doing that thing. It’s difficult, fun, amusing, challenging, etc. (in regards to web development, anyway). Books are none of those things. Difficult? Yes (nearly impossible)! Fun, amusing, challenging? No. Just difficult.nnThat’s where **I** am with the whole subject. There may be others reading this who find the art/craft of book making easy, or easier, or downright fascinating. I envy those who fall into that category. nnBack later

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