I am out of Ibuprofen, and I *need* Ibuprofen for my toothache, so I ordered some for delivery. And also a couple sodas, which are not good for my tooth, but are tasty, nonetheless.nnSo, on the subject of blogging, and switching platforms, I *am* pretty sure I am going to switch up to Ghost in due time. IDK *when*, but eventually. Depends on if/when server issues get fixed with W.a.nnNot that any of this matters, or that “blogging matters”, but I like putting shit onto the Internet that are my own sincere thoughts, my own sincere ideas/beliefs, and not some hate commentary or shameless brown-nosing like most people see across the majority of the rest of the Internet.nnI almost feel like my generation has “aged” (indeed, we have – in every way!) on the Internet. I used to think of the WWW as a super ideological playground of one-off, quirky communication, and now we all just communicate “like regular” (as we do in real life), only with significantly worse attitudes. Gone are the walls of “human” etiquette and consequential correspondence – now we “lay into” people online, with sinister intent, because we *know* we’re not coming across so and so IRL, so there’s that.nnAnd there is no “revival” or “going back” (sorry), nor a point upgrade to Web 3.0, and certainly Web3 is not a solution (nor is there a “problem” Web3 solves, to begin with). Decentralizing applications, dismantling large corporate monopolies, or/and attempting to “reinvent the wheel” won’t change a (fundamental) human issue with how people ARE. nnWe’re all here (online – a couple billion people) and having *less* people online probably would alter the mindset/landscape of how communication is conducted on the WWW, in some way – but, that is yet another example of how people create people problems and then make those very problems by people into *worse* problems by simply being that – people.nnBut, it is what it is. Whatever.

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