Remember the “I’m just a bill” song from Schoolhouse Rock back in the 1980s (probably from the 1970s, but was replayed in the 80s when I was young)? Yes, anything even *hinting* at being “a movement” from the American People that could initiate a bill being written, that would then get voted on, and then (perhaps) get passed into law – what exactly happened to that process? nnIt’s gonennAnd, IF a bill gets written (in the case of discharging the student loan debt, I am not even sure the politicians in DC “took it seriously” – so, I don’t know if said bill ever was created), it (the bill) would then have to be voted on, and the success/failure of said bill would determine the “electability” (not a word?) of the politicians who made said bill fail/pass. So that may be another “clever trick” the Old Guard politicians pull on The Hill – kick around a subject enough, smile big for the Media Machine(TM) cameras, and just when they get the timing *juuust* right, state that they decided to NOT draft up a bill, because then they don’t have to hear the pesky People threaten their seat in office (or, vow to not vote for them ever again) if they (the politicians) do not vote in their (the American People’s) favor.nnThere’s a strategy! #sarcasmnnI’d hate to be a loan holder right now, by the way. All the people who said “they’ll never get discharged” (albeit, that was a small, yet (overly) confident segment of the population) were right. nnOf course, it would have ended up being an educational “bail out” either way, because the government cannot/will not subsidize higher education in The West like other advanced nations do. The “educational bail out” would have been a temporary (although, long-lasting) “fix” for a broken higher ed system. They (the US government) *could* subsidize higher ed, the money IS there (or they can print the money, and MAKE it “there”), but why print money to make people qualified/educated/skilled/etc.? nnEssentially, the moral of the story is: I’m a “cynical bastard” because I don’t “play along” (in an impossible to win game), and I don’t “rock the boat” (on a partially capsized (sinking) ship), and I don’t support politicians who scheme more than govern. nnThat’s *my* take

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